Thursday, 26 June 2014

Week 4: Planning Permission

Planning permission can help the developer to decide what to build and what illegal to be built on the site. It was difficult for me to imagine its prior during lecture.

However, it turned clear and simple while carried out small task during seminar. We have been taught on the ways of using ‘City Council Sheffield' website with a sample - Sheaf Square. It works same in the assessment - Matilda Street. 

(Source: Sheffield City Council 2013)

According to Sheffield City Council (2013), the existing project site is under conservation - CIQ area. Trees may be protected in conservation area from being cut down. Therefore, planning permission is required to get approval for every development taken part in Conservation Area. 

Besides, the project site is categorized in yellow colour which means “Flexible Use Area”. Factory and industry is not allowed to be developed, whereas shops, restaurants, office, residential are permitted to build.

By considering elements above and week 2, an idea of partnering between University Technology College (UTC) and SHU is chosen. In short, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is advised to rent them the building for lecture and tutorial purpose. Then, SHU can collect extra rental cost and UTC has more space to give education; earn more money. It is a win-win scenario.

Sheffield City Council (2013) City Policies and Sites (Pre-Submission) [online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 July 2014].

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Week 3: Construction Technical issues

We have been lectured on site analysis and location analysis. A building proposed or constructed shall consider many causes and resources. There is only few listed following:

-Old maps & usage: I found that Matilda Street area is used to be an industrial area but now mostly focus on business purpose.

-Condition of existing building, topography, rules, size etc.: determine the ways of construction; demolition or refurbishment. During the site visit, I found some crack lines, minor defects in ground and first floor; rectification works will be taken into account. Meanwhile, I found that the second floor condition is worst! As a Quantity Surveyor, I will allow more cost in renovation and refurbishment. 

-Potential risk: I found that flood was happened in Sheffield 10 years ago. It might be happened in the project site because river is nearby the site. The impacts of flood is causing damage on building, illness and sick. As I am Quantity Surveyor, I will study on annual rainfall and allow cost in Preliminaries to prevent it happened. Besides, the Engineer and Contractor shall responsible in deeper the trench, river and drain to prevent it happened. In the case of unfortunately, the risk can be transferred to insurance company to pay damages. 

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Week 2: Site Visit

The site is located at Matilda Street where nearby the city center. Spend 9 mins if walk from Victoria Hall, whereas 5 mins from SHU. 

Short briefing and instruments has been given. Our group has been distributed into small group by our own in order to complete our task faster. I am responsible in recording the data after the results shown. The picture taken has been posted in Padlet Wall (

However, our team are lack of time on measurement due to not preparing well. In order to work efficient and effective, site layout posted in SHUBlackboard shall be downloaded one day before. By using the printed layout, dimension can be inserted directly. 

Besides, amenities surrounding is necessary to be investigated, it helps in completing the module assignment. Key consideration like topography, location analysis, condition of existing building, size and shape has to be studied on to determine the most suitable type of development constructed. 

Week 1: Blog and Padlet Wall

On week 1, we have been taught the useful of Blog and Padlet Wall. The purpose of having them is sharing information on and reflective on what I have learnt in this module. To be honest, I seldom use this kind of tools due to my laziness to organise. However, I found that Blog can be interesting and helpful in calling back our memories. 

Blog is act as a platform where we can upload pictures, information, videos easily. As refer back to those information posted, a brainstorming on what have been done will be recorded. In my opinion, it brings advantages like sharing useful knowledge to others; recorded my mistakes and prevent it happened in the future.