Thursday, 26 June 2014

Week 4: Planning Permission

Planning permission can help the developer to decide what to build and what illegal to be built on the site. It was difficult for me to imagine its prior during lecture.

However, it turned clear and simple while carried out small task during seminar. We have been taught on the ways of using ‘City Council Sheffield' website with a sample - Sheaf Square. It works same in the assessment - Matilda Street. 

(Source: Sheffield City Council 2013)

According to Sheffield City Council (2013), the existing project site is under conservation - CIQ area. Trees may be protected in conservation area from being cut down. Therefore, planning permission is required to get approval for every development taken part in Conservation Area. 

Besides, the project site is categorized in yellow colour which means “Flexible Use Area”. Factory and industry is not allowed to be developed, whereas shops, restaurants, office, residential are permitted to build.

By considering elements above and week 2, an idea of partnering between University Technology College (UTC) and SHU is chosen. In short, Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) is advised to rent them the building for lecture and tutorial purpose. Then, SHU can collect extra rental cost and UTC has more space to give education; earn more money. It is a win-win scenario.

Sheffield City Council (2013) City Policies and Sites (Pre-Submission) [online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 July 2014].

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