Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Week 2: Site Visit

The site is located at Matilda Street where nearby the city center. Spend 9 mins if walk from Victoria Hall, whereas 5 mins from SHU. 

Short briefing and instruments has been given. Our group has been distributed into small group by our own in order to complete our task faster. I am responsible in recording the data after the results shown. The picture taken has been posted in Padlet Wall (http://padlet.com/wall/nb5cfhwq4va1).

However, our team are lack of time on measurement due to not preparing well. In order to work efficient and effective, site layout posted in SHUBlackboard shall be downloaded one day before. By using the printed layout, dimension can be inserted directly. 

Besides, amenities surrounding is necessary to be investigated, it helps in completing the module assignment. Key consideration like topography, location analysis, condition of existing building, size and shape has to be studied on to determine the most suitable type of development constructed. 

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