Friday, 18 July 2014

Week 6: Sustainable development

All sustainable development and its planning system is required to meet the following:
  • Economic
  • Ecological or environmental
  • Neighborhood and communities
  • Movement and inclusion
  • Quality of design and construction
(source: The sustainable leader, 2014)

Local economy can be enhanced through the success development where increase the local employment rate. Ecological or environmental here is referring to the contaminants, pollution etc. Good impact will be brought by the sustainable development to neighborhood and communities  Lastly, elevators and ramps will be provided for disabled in sustainable development. Sustainable development will consider on safety of environment. 

During site investigation, I found that the existing building is lack of ramp and elevator for disabled. In order to turn it become more sustainable, escalator is designed in the college. Then, the existing project site can be accessed easily by walking where reduce pollution. Being more sustainable, college will be designed with more windows to accept natural ventilation and lighting, save the electricity.

The sustainable leader (2014) Sustainable Development [online]. Available from: [Accessed 23 July 2014]


  1. ya...sustainable building more acceptable in this generation~

  2. well done. You have concerned on disabled person and environmental friendly issue.